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Dynamometer for sale

OCS-MM Electric dynamometer:
1. Aluminum and alloy steel with powder coating.
2. Accuracy: 0.05% for 1-50t, 0.1% for above 50t capacity.
3. Units are clearly display on the screen, available in the measurement reading: kg,t,lb,kN
4. Shackles: High tension industrial standard G2130 anchor shackle bows, galvanized finish.
5. Gravity regulation: The acceleration of gravity can be regulated through indicator parameter setting according to different places value.
6. Functions: wireless indicator with many functions: Zero, tare, Low battery warnings, peak hold, overload warning. User calibration(with password).
OCS-MM Electric dynamometer specification:
Body Display 25mm (1’’) 5digits LCD with backlight
Indicator Display 25mm (1’’) 5digits LCD with backlight
Power on zero range 20% F.S.
Manual Zero Range 4% F.S.
Tare Range 100% F.S.
Stable Time ≤5 seconds
Overload Indication 100% F.S. + 9e
Max. Safety Load 125% F.S.
Ultimate Load 400% F.S.
OCS-MM Electric dynamometer Advantages:
1. Mmaxy produce electric dynamometer high industrial standards by making use of best quality material and strict procession quality control.
2. Clients may have specific demand for big capacity electric dynamometer. Mmaxy can also offers dedicated consultancy support to clients, ensuring client’s specific requirements are perfectly understood and met. Dynamometer for sale